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Permaculture in Practice
2024 Workshops


Salamander Springs Farm | Clear Creek, Berea, Kentucky

Permaculture Skills Days  

Intensive day-long immersions. We send you home with confidence, knowledge and skills to help you put your dreams into practice.  Handouts included.

JUNE 1, 2024   

Integrate Cover Crops without Tillage

Learn continuous relay cropping inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka’s work. Provides early season skills further developed in the July Soils and September Permaculture in Practice workshops.  Includes no-till methods of cover crop management in staple crops and vegetable beds, soil health, crop polycultures including cornfield milpa system Susana learned in Latin America.   

JULY 6, 2024   

Soil Health Principles & Practice 

Create healthy mycorrhizal soils that build carbon, water and nutrients for nutrient-dense food--without outside inputs!  Incorporate contour swales for water and nutrient capture, maintain permanent beds and fields that integrate cover crops without tillage.  Utilize mulches, compost and humanure.  Close the loop by cycling “wastes” locally.

AUGUST 24, 2024  Full day workshop this year!  

Crop Seed Selection & Saving

Locally-adapted seeds are crucial for a resilient future. Salamander Springs Farm has focused on developing local landrace varieties of staple foods and native crops of this continent.  Understand and work with pollination of different crop families.  Learn to harvest, dry, process and store seed at a low-tech homestead-scale.

Skills Days Details:


  • Dates:  JUNE 1, JULY 6 and AUGUST 24, 2024

(8:30 am - 5 pm) 

  • Location: Salamander Springs Farm, 20 minutes from Berea, Kentucky (map)

  • Cost:

$190 Early Registration, 30 days in advance of each Skills Day. 

$210 Regular Registration (less than 30 days in advance) 

Work-trade & BIPOC scholarships available: 
see below

  • Coming from a distance?  Camping facilities are available before or after skills days with advance reservation. $20 includes tent site, cooking facilities, solar shower and compost toilet. Designate date(s) you wish to reserve at registration. Non-camping accommodations are also available nearby; inquire at registration.

  • What's included: intensive hands-on learning,  delicious locally-sourced lunch, workshop materials and handouts.


Partial and full work-trade scholarship are available for each workshop.  Request application information when registering.  

Additional scholarships are available for BIPOC applicants.  A resilient and life-sustaining future requires the skills and talents of a diverse land-based community.  A system that marginalizes some of us hurts us all.  

Email us if you or someone you know in the BIPOC community might benefit from this opportunity.  We are excited to be able to offer additional BIPOC scholarships for each workshop again this year because of a generous gift from colleagues John Rogers and Debbie Robinson in honor their friend, Sunshine Jim. 

Permaculture In Practice Weekend Intensive!   

SEPTEMBER 13-15, 2024 


For nearly 15 years, this inspirational weekend has provided a transformative experience cherished by participants.  Immerse yourself in learning the practices needed to build and live on an off-grid, regenerative permaculture farm.  Hands-on learning of no-till systems, staple crops, hugulkultur, soil building, swales & water management, seed saving, off-grid systems, natural building, and more. Includes gourmet meals from the farm, camping accommodations including a solar shower, wonderful spring water, educational workshop materials to take home. This fun and memorable weekend has filled quickly in the past so register early!


Weekend Intensive Details:

  • Workshop Dates: September 13-15, 2024

  • Location: Salamander Springs Farm, 20 minutes from Berea, Kentucky (map)

  • Cost:
    $380 Early Registration Discount (save $40 before August 15). 
    $420 Regular Registration (after August 15)
    Work-trade & BIPOC scholarships available, see below.

  • Workshop includes camping accommodations, workshop materials and delicious gourmet meals from the farm each day.

  • Hands-on learning:  off-grid farm living, no-till staple crop and vegetable production, hugulkultur, soil building, contour swales & water management, seed saving, natural building, appropriate and solar technologies, and more!



Susana Lein, farmer and manager of Salamander Springs Farm, is a permaculture / regenerative agriculture teacher with 30+years of experience.  Over the years, Lein has taught hundreds of permaculture, regenerative agriculture, appropriate technology and natural building workshops.  She will be assisted in workshop instruction other entrepreneurs in sustainable living practices from our region.   


Lein received her PDC at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village in Australia, worked 8 1/2 years with small farmers in Latin America, and since 1999 has built Salamander Springs Farm into a productive market and CSA farm which produces for customers a wide variety of fruit and vegetable crops, staple grains and dry beans, herbs and flowers, all without tillage or fertilizers.


To learn more about Susana and Salamander Springs Farm, see the ABOUT and FARM SYSTEMS pages.  Links to articles, podcasts and films can be found on the IN THE PRESS page.

One day with Susana beats a week-long Permaculture Design Course hands down - that’s how good and inspiring she is! So much practical, actionable information. I can’t wait to put things into practice!

...Susana’s farm and whole lived experience is such an inspiration to me. I hope we can make some of the magic happen that she has!

Workshop Testimonials

- Kerry C., TX

Develop Hands-On SKILLS for Locally-Sustained LIVING

  • Create fertile, living soil, hugelkultur, no-till veggie and staple crops, contour swales & ponds.

  • Manage and cycle water, solar energy and nutrients.

  • Grow diverse food crops, staples grains, dry beans and cover crops without tillage.

  • Experience a passive solar tiny house, building with clay & straw, local lumber and salvage, earthen floor, solar shower, humanure compost toilet, solar food dehydrator...

  • Enjoy a diversity of farm-grown staple proteins, fresh produce, preserved, foraged and fermented foods.

These on-farm workshops are for anyone wanting to get firsthand experience with permaculture principles and methods on the ground, will include hands-on practicums and intensive education in principles, methods and materials, timing, hard lessons learned...not to be missed!

Food and Dining


We provide all meals during our workshop. Freshly prepared meals will consist of organic mostly vegetarian dishes featuring locally grown ingredients. We do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions and food allergies. (We’ll follow up after registration to make sure we have your dietary preferences on file.)


Workshop Registration Form

As we limit participants for better hands-on learning in practicums, workshops often fill quickly.  Pre-register here and we'll confirm availability with information on how to register.  Early bird registration discounts are applied at time of payment.

Which Class Do You Want To Attend?

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You'll be hearing from us soon to secure your enrollment.

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