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Salamander Springs Farm featured in films, podcasts, magazines, books, conference highlights and online blogs.


Susana and Salamander Springs Farm featured in the award-winning, internationally acclaimed permaculture documentary film, INHABIT, premiered at the International Permaculture Convergence in London UK in 2015 (translated into 7 languages).


Susana in No-Till Market Garden Podcast with Jesse Frost (1/6/2020),

also on Youtube


Susana and Salamander Springs Farm featured in documentary film, A Growing Cycle: Kentucky Women and the Earth, January 2023,


New Pioneer magazine: "100% Natural:  Salamander Springs Farm Practices Permaculture to the Max" p. 40-43, by Jereme Zimmerman, Summer 2019


Cornell University Small Farms Quarterly:  "No-till Organic Relay Cropping at Salamander Springs Farm in Kentucky" by Ryan Maher and Brian Caldwell, Jan. 2018


Case Study of Susana Lein & Salamander Springs Farm, presenter at 2015 Young Farmers' Conference, Stone Barns Center, NY ​


Yale Climate ConnectionsCarbon Farming at Salamander Springs Farm, Berea, KY

Hobby Farms magazine series by Karen Lanier, The Wisdom of Women Farmers:  Five women farmers over 50:

Pt. 1: Thoughts on Love, July 2019

Pt. 2: Thoughts on Money, August 2019

Pt. 3: Thoughts on Death, September 2019

Based on Oral History Project interviews with Susana Lein at Louis Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries, December 21, 2017

"Keeping an Ear to the Ground," ​Kim Kobersmith, Taproot magazine:  Inspiration for Makers, Doers & Dreamers, Issue 58, July 2023


Mother Earth News magazine, April 2014,  Salamander Springs:  Permaculture Farm in the Appalachian Mountains

Permaculture Design magazine (see Back Issues):
Aug. 2017, p. 25, "Create Seed for your Bioregion"
Feb. 2018, "No Till Organic Relay Cropping: from Kentucky to New York"


Permaculture Activist magazine (see Back Issues):  

Issue #82 p.10-20:  "Staple Crops without Tillage," detailed articles on Salamander Springs Farm no-till grains & dry beans.
Issue #43:  "A Self-Forage System for Chickens at Salamander Springs Farm"



Permaculture Research Institute: Permaculture News:

-Salamander Springs Farm: Modern Day Example of No Till AgricultureNovember 2017

-Finding Value in Waste: A Permaculture Approach to the Excesses of Consumerism, June, 2019

-INHABIT Permaculture Documentary film announced, May, 2014

Huffington Post: "How To Decolonize The Permaculture Movement,"Jan 31, 2018, Tobias Roberts

ORION magazine:"Altar Call for True Believers" by Janisse Ray (2nd half of article)
Kentucky Heirloom Seeds, by Bill Best & Dobree Adams, 2017, Chapter 10 on Susana's corn and seed saving practices at Salamander Springs Farm

Southern Exposure Heirloom Seed Company: Featured Seed Grower Susana Lein of Salamander Springs Farm

Getting Dirty and Strong: Kentucky Women on Identity, Power and Place, by Jenna Farineau, 2018,  p. 35-40

"Spotlight:  Passive Solar Tiny House at Salamander Springs Farm," Watt-a-Light Energy Efficiency, Sept. 2019

Quantum Agriculture video YouTube: Susana Lein of Salamander Springs Farm​ at Southeast Biodynamic Conference, Oct. 2019 

Youtube video,"Salamander Springs: Permaculture Production Farm in a WWOOF Community" Chris Wyse, WWOOF-USA, 2017

Kentucky Herald Leader newspaper: "Berea Farmer Revives Land" Lexington, KY, Nov. 21, 2009

American Crisis, Southern Solutions, Anthony Dunbar, New South Books, 2008, p. 221

Mother Earth News magazine: "Salamander Springs Farm," May, 2014

Organic Association of Kentucky Intensive Cover Crop Methods for No-till Production - Field Day at Salamander Springs Farm,  July 26, 2022
Sustainable Berea: Community Sustainability Award, Berea, KY, June 2021

Cornell University: USA Organic Reduced Tillage Growers Advisory Panel, 2015

Apprentice blog & photos on Salamander Springs Farm: Courtney's Travels, 2016

Rick Hayes' videos of July 2017 Salamander Springs Farm tour:  Solar dehydrator and no-till staple crop systemsOhio Chapter of the American Society of Landscape ArchitectsSusana Lein of Salamander Springs Farm to Keynote Cincinnati Permaculture Institute ConvergenceJan. 2017
Green with Garden Blogspot: Salamander Springs:  Permaculture Farm in the Appalachians

Savoring Kentucky NewsSalamander Springs Farm Cornmeal & Granary Barn Raising, October 2014

Heathcote Botanical Gardens, Ft. Pierce, FL:  Permaculture Workshop at Heathcote with Susana Lein of KY
2014 North American Biodynamic Conference:  2 permaculture workshops by Susana Lein of Salamander Springs Farm

Organic Association of Kentucky: Permaculture Farming Field Day at Salamander Springs Farm,  July 8, 2017
Southern Sustainable Agriculture 2016 and 2017 Conferences:  Salamander Springs Farm farm tours

The Nashville Scene: Tn Local Food Summit, and "Organic Farming Experts Convene at Vanderbilt for TN Local Food Summit,

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