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Permaculture in Practice
Clear Creek, Berea, Kentucky

30 Years of Permaculture Experience

Susana Lein practices what she preaches. After learning permaculture from many places in the world, she built a thriving solar-powered, off-grid farm using natural building techniques, regenerative methods of soil building, no-till crop rotations, earthworks & water management, and ultimately, a deep understanding of the land and natural processes.

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Permaculture in Practice

Take your permaculture skills to the next level with immersive, hands-on workshops!

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Farm Tours

A great way to start your learning journey -- experience a resilient off-grid farm in the beautiful Kentucky foothills

Permaculture Consulting


Permaculture consultations with Susana Lein will bring to your site 30 years of experience in designing, building, living and maintaining permaculture, natural building, off-grid farming systems. Whether you are unsure of how to proceed or want specific advice, consultations are a critical long term investment tool to help you realize your goals and save resources, time and money.


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