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Salamander Springs Farm produces a wide range of vegetables, grains, dry beans, fruits, nuts, berries, flowers, herbs, forest medicinals, ramps, luffa sponges, mushrooms and more!  Dried fruits, chilies, tomatoes, culinary herbs and teas are produced in our solar food dehydrator.  We also propagate and sell perennial and annual plants.

Where to Find Our Products

We sell at the Berea Farmers Market, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships, local stores and restaurants, special events and conferences. See for information on our CSA and the variety of produce available year-round.

Faye and

Nutrient-Dense Food


Invariably the first thing customers notice is the wonderful taste--and nutrient value--of our food compared to supermarket "organic" foods.  Nutrient-dense, healthful food requires a healthy, living soil--the most important resource at Salamander Springs Farm.

A soil teaming with life, organic nutrients and minerals feeds our crops naturally.  We do not till the soil, use pesticides nor commercial fertilizers. We build our soil biology and fertility through permaculture and biodynamic principles and practices--by imitating natural systems and keeping the soil covered with the living roots of both food and cover crops, compost and mulches. 

Salamander Springs Farm Store

The store featured small farms across the USA, including the Salamander Springs Farm products below, until closing their online store in 2018.  Because of the demand from former Local Harvest customers across the country, we've created a low-tech online store--in spite of the challenges of being off-grid without internet!

Cornmeal digital photo.jpg


1 lbs. $7 + shipping
2 lbs. $13 + shipping

5 lb. $28 + shipping

Salamander Springs Farm colorful Kentucky Rainbow heirloom dent corn makes an unforgettably delicious and nutritious cornbread! The legendary flavor also makes it more nutritious. Unlike store-bought cornmeal, the nutritious bran and germ have not been removed for longer shelf life. Store our whole-grain cornmeal in the freezer (or refrigerator short-term). Milling exposes the nutrient-rich germ of grain kernel to the air, which can oxidize at room temperature. We fresh-mill cornmeal weekly.    Package includes a tasty and traditional, gluten-free recipe.  

Popcorn-Web Site.jpg


1 lbs. $7 + shipping
2 lbs. $13 + shipping

Salamander Springs' tender-kernel yellow popcorn is a delicious and nutritious snack -- fast food at its best! Each August the popcorn is hand harvested, shelled and winnowed at the farm.  Store popcorn in the refrigerator--or in freezer long-term to avoid wievel damage and keep moisture below 15% for best popping. 

4 ears corn.jpg


2 oz. $4 + shipping (approx 115 seeds)

1/2 lb. $11 + shipping
1 lbs. $19 + shipping

Select seed for a productive, hardy and drought tolerant dent corn; 12-16’ stalks produce huge, beautiful ears with an array of red, blue, white, purple & painted orange kernels.  This heirloom dent corn makes delicious flavorful cornmeal, hominy, grits, tortillas or tamales (100-110 days to dry stage). ​ Also provides tasty, satisfying roasting ears (80-85 days to milk stage).  Seed has been developed and improved since 2001 by Susana Lein at Salamander Springs Farm, from corn seed acquired in the late 1990's from Daymon Morgan in Leslie County, KY, which had diverse parentage, including “Bloody Butcher” and several other heirloom varieties grown for centuries in Appalachia. 



2 lb. $9 + shipping

5 lb. $24 + shipping
10 lbs. $42 + shipping

Whole kernels of this colorful nutrient-dense dent corn can be nixatamalized for unforgettably delicious hominy and ground into masa for tortillas or tamales.  Kernels represent the rainbow of colors with red, blue, white, purple & painted orange kernels.  This corn has been grown, selected and improved since 2001 by Susana Lein at Salamander Springs Farm, from a diverse parentage of heirloom corn grown for centuries in Appalachia. 

Black Turtle Beans-Website.jpg


1 lbs. $7 + shipping
2 lbs. $13
 + shipping

Black Turtle Beans are a wholesome and nutritious source of protein, iron and many phytonutrients. Cooked beans freeze well so you can make a big pot and have quick meals later. Leftovers also make yummy re-fried beans for tacos or burritos. We also like adding leftover beans to the whole-grain cornbread recipe. 

Pinto beans packaged bushel 07.jpg


1 lbs. $7 + shipping
2 lbs. $13 + shipping

Pinto beans are a wholesome and nutritious source of protein and many phytonutrients.  A staple in Mexican cuisine, and a popular soup bean here in Appalachia. Each package includes a delicious recipe which is a favorite here on the farm.  Cooked beans freeze well so you can make a big pot and have quick meals later. Leftovers also make yummy re-fried beans for tacos or burritos.

How To Order


Email or text your order as below from products and sizes featured above.  

Because we're off-grid without data, email orders can mean a week delay.  Text 859-893-3360 for faster service.


Example:   Eaton Realfood, 123 Green St. #4, Yourcity, NY 11102,  689-890-3037


2. List QUANTITY + Product Name + SIZE# for each item that you want:


3 Cornmeal 2#

1 Heirloom Corn Seed 1/2#

2 Pinto Beans 1#

1 Popcorn 2#

3 Black Beans 1#


3. Let us know how you will pay for your order:  by check or PayPal transfer.

Example:  I'll Paypal. Thanks!


We will reply with your total including shipping & fees when we receive your order.

Paypal charges a"goods & services" fee of 2.99% per order.

Make PayPal transfers from your account to

Send checks or money orders to:  Susana Lein, Salamander Springs Farm, 5972 Wildie Rd., Mt. Vernon, KY 40456. 


We generally use USPS shipping rates based on the size of your order: 

  • 2 oz. seed packets up to 1/2 lb.:  First Class padded envelope, $5.20-8.90, depending on your zip code

  • 1/2 lb. to 2 lbs. of products:  Small USPS flat rate box $10.40

  • 2 lbs. to 10 lbs. of products:  Medium USPS flat rate box $18.40

  • 10 lbs. to 16 lbs. of products:  Large USPS flat rate box $24.75

  • Orders larger than 16 lbs. will be estimated based on package size/weight and your zip code.


We will ship as soon as your payment comes through.

Thank you for valuing nutrient dense whole foods grown in healthy soils!

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